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If you are struggling with coparenting issues and cannot work together no matter how hard you have tried, you have come to the right place. I have worked with over 4000 conflictual coparents and many of their children.

Click here to view the available online coparenting and conflict intervention courses.  

To learn more about the concepts I teach, go to my ParentsInConflict Blog. To contact Dr. Stacer, go to Doc(at) or call me at 800-980-0434.  Please read instructions below to register for any of the online courses.

I teach live classes in San Diego on Tuesday nights, you may contact me at 800-980-0434 or  email me at Doc(at)DeenaStacer with questions about the live or online courses. If you are in San Diego, you may be able to attend both online and in person.

Live classes: You can start attending classes on any Tuesday night, however both parents do not attend on the same night. Parents alternate on Tuesdays if both parents want attend at the same time. Classes are from 7-9 p.m. and the cost of $35 per week.

Online Courses: You can start any time and work as many hours on the course per day as you want. Parents in conflict do not attend classes in person on the same evening.

Live and Online parents will learn the strategies to end the conflict and protect the children, rather than learn how to communicate more effectively with the other parent. Trying to cooperatively coparent with a high conflict parent is difficult, you need different rules and a different understanding of what does work for these types of cases. Click here for more information about both the live San Diego and online classes.

I have been working with parents in conflict since 1995. I was in a conflictual breakup myself. I have been teaching parenting classes since 1984. I have been teaching parents involved in conflict to reduce their conflict over the children since 1997, when Fred Stemen and I started the High Conflict Intervention and Coparenting Program for the San Diego Family Courts. I was in a high conflict breakup myself and learned the important concepts to get out of the court system and focus on the children.


You need to create a FREE Profile by going to “Course Registration” at the top of this page.  Once you create your profile and save it, it will send you an email. If you do not receive the email within a few minutes, please check your SPAM box. If you cannot find it, please email me at Doc(at) so I can confirm you email address.  Once you are confirmed, you can login to the website with our user name and password, and go to the course you want to take.  Click on the payment. It will take you to PayPal and  you will make the payment through PayPal. (If you want to pay through our office, you can call at 858-675-9225 to make the payment.) If you need to make payment arrangements for the course, you can do that with me by calling  me at 800-980-0434 or emailing me at Doc(at)

Once you have signed up for the course and paid, please allow up to 12 hours to receive access and instructions for the course from me. I am the one you takes care of the "enrollment key."  If you haven’t heard from me within 12 hours of paying, please email me at Doc(at) or call at 800-980-0434.

Please plan ahead to receive your certificate of completion. You will email me when you have completed the course and I will send you your certificate. Please allow up to 24 hours for the certificate to be sent to you.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via email or calling 800-980-0434.

Thank You, Dr. Deena Stacer

The Online Parenting courses are designed to teach you the skills, scripts and strategies to end your conflict, disengage from the other parent and create powerful connections with your children in order to protect them from permanent emotional damage. You can attend these courses online. You can participate at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home. To learn more about the courses I teach go to my Parents In Conflict blog to watch videos or read more information. You can reach me at --Doc(at) or call me at 800-980-0434.

The good news is that it only takes one parent to end the conflict and one parent to save the children and it might as well be you. You can end it yourself by following the strategies that I teach. I know the fears and the frustration that usually occur in these kind of conflictual coparenting situations and I give you techniques to overcome these frustrations and fears.

Cooperative coparenting does not work when there is a high conflict parent in the "couple relationship," so you will need to learn new rules and skills to handle this kind of conflictual coparenting with the other parent.

Let me help you save your children and end the nightmare of coparenting once and for all. Let me help you get out of the court system as fast as possible too.

To read more about my expertise and experience, click here.

To enroll in any of the online courses, click here to go to the Parenting Courses Registration page.To contact me, call me at 800-980-0434 or email me at Doc(at)